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Labour Hire Staffing Solutions

Workfast staffing solutions covering Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. We provide Labour Hire solutions for major industries Tunnelling, Rail, Civil, Infrastructure, Mining, Oil & Gas, Resources, Warehousing, Logistics and Energy sectors. We provide full recruitment and management of staffing for either ongoing or project based needs. Workfast uses our extensive database and smart labour hire management software to procure, mobilise and manage staffing for over 800 companies.Workforce management is becoming increasingly complicated, outsourcing workforce management through Workfast's robust labour hire staffing solution. We will create a specialist solution for each client and industry reducing the complexity of managing the staffing in house.Workfast manages the recruitment, onboarding, inductions, training, certification and verification of workers onto a project site. Ongoing we look after the management of workers, payroll, safety education and injury management. We follow strict guidelines to ensure compliance and governance is adhered to mitigating risk and ensuring business continuance.‍

Staff we provide

  • Site supervisors
  • Crew supervisors
  • Leading hands
  • Front end loader operations
  • High rail operator
  • General Labourers
  • Skilled Labourers
  • Electricians
  • RIW Electricians
  • Rail PO's
  • Safeworking Staff
  • Heavy Duty Fitters
  • Underground Fitters
  • Diesel Fitters
  • RIW Electricians
  • Mining Electricians
  • TBM Crews
  • Tunnel Fitout Crews
  • Tunnelling Electricians


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